Accsiss PPs


About Accsiss PPS

Key Features

Unlimited Number of Users

Accsiss PPs supports unlimited number of users.

Support Multiple Locations:

This amazing software can be deployed to manage multiple locations (branch offices). If your company has multiple offices indifferent locations, the software is for you.

Global Access

When the software is deployed on the cloud, users can access the software from remote areas.

Support Local and Global Deployments

Accsiss PPs can be deployed both on a local intranet and online on the cloud.

Numerous Modules and Functionalities

Our commitment to implementing user feedbacks has improved the functions and modules of the software.

Fast Support Services

We have staff dedicated to providing support to our clients.


Personnel Management:

This module provides interfaces and reports for maintaining personnel records. These records include personal, spouse, academic, relatives, referees, company issued equipment, company assigned staff, payment, and other information.


accsiss PPs provides module that interfaces with Ms Excel data for upload of attendance data. It can also interface with our attendance module.

Fleet Management:

This module enables the company to manage their fleet of vehicles, assign vehicles, delist, retire or scrap vehicles.


A comprehensive payroll calculation module. Payroll is calculated based on a number of conditions and parameters.

Document Tracking and Renewal

Documents of staff or of vehicles assigned to staff, like visas, residential permits, vehicle documents and others, can be tracked and renewed. The software sends notifications when they expire.

Travel Schedules

Provides interfaces and reports for scheduling flight travel for personnel


Comprehensive report module