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accsiss sBs

School Management System

Designed for Creche, Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools

accsiss sBs is a Student management system (SMS). Designed for creche, nursery, primary and secondary schools. It is a web application and can be deployed on a single computer, or on multiple computers across and intra-net (local area network), or on the internet. If you have multiple schools or school with different office locations, then this software will be a great help for you.

You can use accsiss sBs for pupil/student registrations, enrollments, results, auto emailing of results, billing, expenses, cash-flow and receivables.

The cost of the software starts at NGN50,000.00.

Key Features

  • accsiss sBs supports unlimited number of users.
  • It can be deployed to manage multiple locations (branch networks).
  • Users can access the software from anywhere in the world.
  • accsiss sBs can be deployed both on the local intranet and online in the cloud (internet implementation).
  • accsiss sBs provides modules for the following;


  • School Administration
  • Admission Processing
  • Student/Staff Attendance
  • Grade Book
  • Report Card
  • Billings
  • State Reporting
  • Account Management
  • Scheduling

Screen Shots


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